To Change is to Exist

The darkness was no longer.  The noise was briefly painful as was the diffused light to my eyes.  “Pelidranthi, can you hear me?”

That voice, so familiar, yet so distant, yet so close. “

Yes, I can hear you, yet though familiar and you feel as a part of me, like a new branch, I know you not, nor do I know where I am.”

“Pelidranthi, I’m the Pale Tree and such a poetic description of me as a branch, when that is how I feel toward you.  It’s the Cycle of Night and I felt your dream.”

“How can I serve the Pale Tree?”

“The how to always comes before the that too.”

“That white orb in the Night’s sky, what is that.”

“The moon, it reflects the light of the sun.”

“Then I chose the fire of the sun and the moon as my shield as it reflects the sun fire to protect me and to serve the Pale Tree.”

“As to your dream, that was the Great Dragon, that of evil and darkness. Its weapons are power, riches, illusion and deceit.  This is only to cause pain for that and pain, are its greatest weapons. You will seek out Caithe and help defend against the Nightmare Court.  Peldiranthi, my new branch, be strong and know that where life goes, so should you. remember that poison isn’t always a liquid.”

Caithe, so alive is she. is that what I will become like as I follow my dream?  Is this what was meant by where life goes?  Am I to follow Caithe?

“So you are the newly awakened, sent to help,” Caithe said, her bright red and green hair with deep green and light brown dress.

“Yes, the Pale Tree sent me to assist you in all endeavors.”

“Good, the Nightmare Court and it’s corrupted followers have poisoned several and we need the antidote. My sources have said it can be found amongst the trolls but time is important.”


“Yes, time as the sun travels the sky, chasing the moon, his lover.”

“I understand and will be back as soon as possible.”