Guild Business: Customizing the Site


Customizing the Site: Headers

There are two ways to do this. The fancy new version way and the way I prefer. Both will have the same end result.

The fancy new version is reached by clicking on “My Sites” in the top left corner of the headbar of the site. This goes to a Stats page. If it does not, then you may not have authorization to reach this area due to your role. If so, contact me, and I can adjust your role to give you access.

Once on the site stats, look at the left menu bar:


Choose “Customize” to the right of the word, “Themes.” It is located in the “Personalization” section of the menu.

The other route, that I prefer, is to hover the cursor over “My Sites” to get a drop down menu. Find “Customize” underneath “Themes” in the “Personalization part of the menu. This brings you to the same place, which is the customization menu. It will pop up as a left-hand menu in most browsers.

In the Customization menu, the follow screen appears:


Choose header image, and this screen will pop up:


Click on “Add new image” to bring up the image upload menu. Each picture uploaded needs to be cropped to fit the header’s size parameters. Once uploaded and cropped, the image will appear in the “previously uploaded” list.

Be sure to choose “Randomize enabled headers” once finished.

Hit “save” at the top of the customization menu. This will save all changes. To navigate between menus, hit the back arrow next to “Header image” and select a different menu to explore.


Journey of Aiven Dawnsight



Before the Change

Name: Aiven Dawnsight
Gender Identity: Female
Pronouns: she/her/herself
Sexual orientation: Asexual
Species: Sylvari
Class: Ranger Druid
Guild(s): Legendfire, Destiny’s Edge
Order: Durmand Priory


I am Aiven Dawnsight. Through trouble may follow me, I overcome it with dignity. The Pale Tree awakened me during the Cycle of Dawn, and the most important Ventari’s teachings is: “All things have a right to grow.”

While in the dream, I dreamed about the Shield of the Moon, and I’m called to find it. The moment before I awoke, I faced a dragon.

I’m a ranger, and I have an animal friend that fights at my side and guards my back. I write this tale before the eve of the final battle with Mordemoth.

The Beginning

When I first awoke, I met with Caithe and other Sylvari, who gave me small missions to help build my strength and so that I could learn more about the world. I assisted in fighting off the advances of the Nightmare Court, and met Trahearne. Together he and I tried to save Ysvelta from the yolk of the Nightmare Court, but we failed.

Caithe told me once that once you’ve fallen, there’s no road back to the Dream. Part of me understands this now, but another part of me refuses to believe this is true. Is the nightmare that corruptible? That it alters the person forever? That they cease to be who they were, and become someone different? What is the root cause of this nightmare? These questions haunt me.

Meeting of Friends and Zhaitan

With the Pale Tree and Trahearne’s guidance, I learned more about the Teachings of the Ventari, and sought justice for Riannoc, a lost spirit. I learned justice is not easily found, and the day came for me to meet the members of Destiny’s Edge, but their friendships were fractured. Surely, there is a way to mend what is broken? I have joined them on several quests into dark dungeons within their homelands, and I see that they do care for one another. Perhaps there is hope for them.

Between my adventures with Destiny’s Edge, Caithe and Trahearne tasked me with assisting the Orders of Tyria in investigating the corruption of undead. After a few missions with each, I decided on the Durmand Priory since knowledge of our world, our past, and our enemy can aid us in changing the path of our future. We fought a furious battle for Lion’s Arch at Claw Island and barely survived. Ravenyth, my dear friend, joined me for that battle.


Ravenyth and I exploring.

How did Ravenyth and I meet? It was during one of my adventures with Destiny’s Edge, when I went off to explore alone and process all that has happened. There on that long, lonely road, I met a human necromancer named Ravenyth. She’s feisty with quite the sense of humor. We have written often since our encounter and met up many a time for adventures.  Together we explored the far reaches of Tyria, eager to draw our maps of every location we could find. We wanted to see the world, to understand its inhabitants, and the more I traveled the more I grew to love this world and all the people in it.

We decided to build a guild together named LegendFire. Through this guild, we met more friends: Brilyana, Anniliya, Jib, Saptah, Toriad, Rayna and Sorel, Lord Sapphyrion, Alesha, and others. This gives me hope to have comrades fighting at my side. Throughout our journey to fight Zhaitan, these friends have fought at my side. And together with them, we defeated Zhaitan’s horror forever.

Scarlet’s War

Even with the defeat of Zhaitan, trouble had not ceased in Tyria. Scarlet, a Sylvari with a nefarious purpose, started to terrorize the land. Together with my guildmates, we continued the fight for Tyria’s freedom. We met many people from all across Tyria in those long battles. Scarlet Briar created bizarre contraptions that came to life and wreaked havoc across Tyria, but I began to wonder if there was a more nefarious purpose to her plans. Especially when she began to use odd devices to focus power in certain parts of the world, and the giant drill she’d made to attack Lion’s Arch. Through this investigation, I met Marjory, Kasmeer, Braham, Rox, and Taimi.

Scarlet’s defeat didn’t end the dangers to Tyria. Now Mordrem and bizarre jungle creatures had started to appear all over Tyria, and the Zeyphr’s airship has crashed in Dry Top. Ravenyth and I wondered what was Scarlet’s true purpose because this is too much of a coincidence after her deadly attempt at mining a hole in Lion’s Arch’s bay. We joined Marjory, Kasmeer, Braham, Rox, and Taimi in their investigations into where Scarlet had her first workshop in Dry Top. This hunt led us to the Shining Light Cavern, where we found the Ley Lines. Scarlet was tapping ley lines.

Disturbing Realities

The strange nightmares started about the same time the threat of Mordrem increased and our travels took us to the Silverwastes. Here loomed a new threat — one of the Elder Dragon Modremoth. This was not a fight we could do alone. My friends and I spoke with the Pale Tree, and she agreed to host a world summit. We traveled far and wide to gather the leaders of Tyria.

The World Summit was attacked by a shadow of the dragon. The Pale Tree gave me a vision of a golden land and an artifact before she fell unconscious. My nightmares have increased, and everyone is on edge as we struggle to bring together to the Orders of Tyria, the Pact, and all the world leaders in a worldwide effort to fight Mordemoth head-on. I feel I have little chance for rest as I rush to prepare the war effort in the Silverwastes.

Caithe has fallen down a dark path during our search for the Master of Peace. The more I dig into her current activities, the more alarmed I’ve become. I spoke with Ravenyth of my concerns, and she fears treachery. Is Mordemoth tearing our friendships apart? Getting inside our heads with its nightmares?

It occurred to me that this may be the source of the nightmare. That the dragon in my awakening may not have been Zhaitan but Mordemoth, and I failed to recognize this because Zhaitan was the immediate threat. The shield of the moon though — I thought for sure that was helping Trahearne, but the more I think of my journey, the more I wonder if it’s more than that. If it’s a way to fight against the nightmare, to shield my mind from Mordemoth’s influence, because I see how this influence has started to corrupt fellow Sylvari.

The Pact fell in the Verdant Brink, ambushed by Mordemoth, and so many Sylvari have fallen into the nightmare of Mordemoth’s Call. My nightmares have worsened, but I remember my friends, the Pale Tree, and most of all the shield that will protect my mind. I will not fall. I cannot fall. My friends depend on me.


My guildmates and I celebrate our victory.

As we explored the Heart of Maguuma, we came upon the Lost Precipice, a grand cathedral of stone, sand, and streams. My Guild and I fought hard for our Guild Hall, and now, finally, we have a place to call our own. A respite from the growing turmoil and darkness.

We have decorated Lost Precipice with the spoils of our travels and have slowly expanded it with markets, taverns, mines, and workshops. Hopefully someday soon, we’ll complete our arena and war room once we find the materials. Ravenyth and I even found charr coptors to help guard our walls.

New Elder Dragon

The days grow darker as we make our way through the Maguuma jungles. So many of my friends have started to question the motives of all Sylvari, and is it any wonder when so many of my kind turned into Mordrem monstrosities? I have begun to wonder if that is why we were awakened. Were we nothing but walking slaves of Mordemoth, waiting for the moment of true awakening, where the Call forces us to change into Mordemoth’s minions? Our minds lost to the hatred Mordemoth’s holds for other sentient species?


After the Change

But the Pale Tree still lives, even if she is unconscious now most of the time, and she still fights. She is the opposite of Mordemoth. She has not fallen under its sway. She is the one who awakened us. Surely, she is not of Mordemoth. Perhaps the Tree fought against Mordemoth’s influence by awakening Sylvari early? By giving us an edge and a way to fight against Mordemoth’s influence?

I joke with Ravenyth about not being corrupted yet in my letters to her, but I fear that something is happening to me. My skin has darkened, and I don’t know why.

Which brings me to this past week.

My guild took a break from the darkness to host a banquet, and I forgot to include a location. We wandered around and collected supplies, but finally, Jib, Ravenyth, and I found the perfect spot. Only for it to be marred by a disturbing letter — someone has taken Bril. Now the danger has hit even my guild, and my friends are personally targeted.

With each clue we follow, the more I realize that these were all places I’d been with Bril — this is all part of the nightmare I’d had just a few days before our Guild night party. The handwriting in these notes — it’s far too familiar. And the Call – it rattles my bones at night, so I try not to rest. Try not to sleep. I cannot fall. I can’t.

The riddles let us back to our guild hall, back to the throne, and a mist covered my mind, the urge to fight so strong, and the order to destroy — no! It was me! I was the one who kidnapped Bril. I did this. I couldn’t stop fighting; I couldn’t see in the blur of colors — my body wasn’t my own. I used every ounce of energy to call out to my friend and beg them to kill me. Saptah, who has not fallen prey like me, gave the killing blow.

Except they didn’t kill me. Ravenyth woke me with a splash of water and demanded answers. Told me to share my nightmare now. So I told them everything. All the nightmarish dreams I’ve had, and it all leads to Dragon Stand. To a pod near the source of the call, where in my nightmare, I fought against Mordemoth’s Call, and Bril ended up encased in a pod, trapped.

Ravenyth hasn’t lost all hope in me. She agreed to go with me, to fight Mordemoth itself, and to end its reign. To free her friends, and to make sure Jib, Lirrah, and Saptah do not fall prey as well.

I will not be a slave to that monstrous dragon. I will not be a mindless minion. I will be Aiven Dawnsight. A sylvari who believes in love, truth, justice. Who fights with dignity and honor. Who stands by her friends. I will make up for what Mordemoth did through me, and I will make sure Mordemoth never hurts another through me or anyone else. Mordemoth made a grave mistake thinking it could force its will on me. I will not give in to the nightmare.

Mordemoth, we are coming. We will kill you, and we will free all you enslaved.


We will not be your slaves.


Creation of the Legendfire Guild Blog


So to start. This blog is for members of our guild to post their fanfiction about our Guild Wars 2 guild or really any version of the Legendfire Guild in any game we choose. Our guild currently exists within Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online.

Posts should be in character. If any of us wants to do an ‘out of character’ post, then use the term “Guild business” like I did at the top of this post.

Be sure to update the Member Information page to keep character details accurate. And enjoy the site!

Comment with any questions or concerns.