Guild Business: Customizing the Site


Customizing the Site: Headers

There are two ways to do this. The fancy new version way and the way I prefer. Both will have the same end result.

The fancy new version is reached by clicking on “My Sites” in the top left corner of the headbar of the site. This goes to a Stats page. If it does not, then you may not have authorization to reach this area due to your role. If so, contact me, and I can adjust your role to give you access.

Once on the site stats, look at the left menu bar:


Choose “Customize” to the right of the word, “Themes.” It is located in the “Personalization” section of the menu.

The other route, that I prefer, is to hover the cursor over “My Sites” to get a drop down menu. Find “Customize” underneath “Themes” in the “Personalization part of the menu. This brings you to the same place, which is the customization menu. It will pop up as a left-hand menu in most browsers.

In the Customization menu, the follow screen appears:


Choose header image, and this screen will pop up:


Click on “Add new image” to bring up the image upload menu. Each picture uploaded needs to be cropped to fit the header’s size parameters. Once uploaded and cropped, the image will appear in the “previously uploaded” list.

Be sure to choose “Randomize enabled headers” once finished.

Hit “save” at the top of the customization menu. This will save all changes. To navigate between menus, hit the back arrow next to “Header image” and select a different menu to explore.


5 thoughts on “Guild Business: Customizing the Site

    • Yay! I think the main problem is your role was set to editor rather than admin. I looked up the roles, and editors wouldn’t have had access to the customize the site options.


  1. Okay, educate me again, Bird. How do we opt in to receive notifications that others have posted work here? I found Pel’s story by accident. I will poke around and see if I can find the setting.

    Edit: I think I figured it out. I had to do the common-sense thing and add this site’s URL to my “follow” list, since there isn’t a “follow” button on this blog, which is good. More private that way.


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