Creation of the Legendfire Guild Blog


So to start. This blog is for members of our guild to post their fanfiction about our Guild Wars 2 guild or really any version of the Legendfire Guild in any game we choose. Our guild currently exists within Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online.

Posts should be in character. If any of us wants to do an ‘out of character’ post, then use the term “Guild business” like I did at the top of this post.

Be sure to update the Member Information page to keep character details accurate. And enjoy the site!

Comment with any questions or concerns.


4 thoughts on “Creation of the Legendfire Guild Blog

  1. And editing comments takes me to a white blank page, so will add a new one instead. Can you please instruct me on how to add screenshots to our banner thingy? I looked for 20 mins and couldn’t figure it out. Many thanks.


    • You should be able to edit comments now. I think it was a role thing. Also, I totally forgot to set the time zone for a blog. Ha! I set it to Central Time Zone. So now when you schedule things, the dates and times will be correct for our time zone.

      I realized this after I tried to schedule Aiven’s Journey post only to discover I had backdated it somehow…. and realized it was due to that time zone shenanigans. Ha!


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